My name is Cinthia Makuta and I am a certified and insured yoga teacher working in Harrow and nearby areas.


From Brazil and Ireland to India and now London, the daily practice of Yoga over the last 15 years has radically changed the way I understand and relate to my body, myself and people around me. 


Nearly 80% of people in the UK experience lower back pain, and research shows that yoga relieves back pain by stretching and strengthening muscles and the core. 


But it’s not just the statistics that are convincing – I’ve been using yoga for back pain with clients and have seen firsthand the relief they receive. Yoga is a great back pain alleviator and can change people’s lives. It’s also an added bonus that it leds to a more peaceful and harmonious life.

My clients have included workers in the corporate sector, students at yoga studios, gyms, and I have many private 1-1 sessions. I also work with moms-to-be. 


My credentials include: 



Schedule your complimentary assessment during which I will evaluate your back issues with you, confirm that yoga is the right practice for you, and explain how my yoga programme could alleviate your back problem.


I look forward to working with you!




For more information on what type of yoga I do, please see the links below. 


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