Pregnancy Yoga

Anxiety and back pain are very common during pregnancy.


A future mother must overcome the fear of giving birth and prepare for the challenge of caring and raising a child. Although these feelings are considered normal, studies indicate that premature birth, giving birth to low birth weight child or one with developmental problems in childhood may be linked to excessive stress in the course of a pregnancy.


The good news is that yoga can help ease these symptoms, as suggested by a study conducted by Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre (MFHRC) at the University of Manchester in 2014 (find out more here). 

Other benefits:

  • Creates a greater bond between the mother and the baby

  • Empowers the woman as she is more aware of the changes in her body. 

  • Helps maintain good posture

  • Prevents back pain

  • Prepares the pelvic floor for a natural birth

  • Promotes a quick recovery after giving birth

  • Alleviates swelling of feet and legs, common during pregnancy

What are yoga classes for pregnant women like?

These special yoga lessons respect the changes in a women's body. As the baby grows in the belly, the lessons are adapted to each trimestre of pregnancy.


The practice is done slowly and with a great degree of control. Effective breathing techniques are also taught during the classes so the future mothers are able to control their minds. These techniques help  to give the baby more oxygen.  This gentle exercise also helps to strengthen abdominal muscles, which can ease back pain in pregnancy.

Although the practice is safe to do anytime during pregnancy, it is important to see your doctor before starting any activity. 

Ready to start your yoga journey?

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