Private Yoga Sessions

You can take charge of your health and have a positive outcome. Be on top of things again!

Perhaps you are interested in taking yoga lessons to find relief for your back pain, but feel that your pain prevents you from joining a random group class and feel scared that you will make your situation worse? Rest assured: this is completely understandable and you are not alone!

I can help you to build your confidence by creating a personalised and adaptable class that factors in and focuses on your individual needs and abilities - you will learn to move, stretch and tone in more informed, balanced, and correct ways.

When your muscles are weak, your back pain tends to come back in a consistent, gradual and progressive ways and eventually turns into chronic pain.

The good  news is that you can change this pattern with a regular and consistent yoga practice. 

Are you ready to start your healing journey? 


Schedule your free assessment and introductory session and I will travel to your home/office to meet you.

After that we will create a plan to work together once, twice or three times per week. 


Be aware that for the best results you should be prepared to make a commitment of at least three months, so you can really feel the benefits of a regular and consistent practice and also a great relief on your back.

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