Yoga and Back Pain

 “It’s estimated up to 8 in every 10 people in the UK are affected by back pain at some point in their lives”  the NHS reports.


There are a variety of reasons that back, neck, or shoulder pain may arise, including a fall or other accident, poor posture, repetitive motion, chronic tension from stress and overuse, or lack of flexibility.


If you are tired of taking medicines for your back pain, yoga can be a good alternative. 


Yoga is an integrative art of postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. Studies have found a yoga class designed for back pain is effective and safe to ease pain. It is also a successful tool for renewing self-confidence, and a sense of wholeness. The practice helps to stretch, strengthen muscles that support the back and spine and also to gain mobility.

Asanas (Postures)

The body is used as an instrument in a myriad of forms, which work its physical aspects to improve muscle strength, joint flexibility and stretching. It also creates an infrastructure for the body to safely achieve the deeper stages .

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

These are techniques that work with the control of vital energy by fully using the body and mind and they are usually done in conjunction with breathing. If performed with the asanas, they provide increased vigor in our body. If performed only with breathing they are techniques that increase lung capacity and respiratory awareness. In addition, they are essential for the control of body movement, whether voluntary or not.


After working with Asanas comes the time for relaxation. It is the moment when the benefits of the practice are assimilated. It involves an investigation of the physical, mental, emotional tensions we carry and improving our capacity to relax these tensions in a conscious way.


Meditation in Yoga is primarily the control of attention (the basic tool in Yoga) and it is an exercise used to calm the mind. Here, our thoughts are observed and allowed to flow freely, without judgment.


  • Improved Brain Function

  • Lower Stress Level

  • Alter Gene Expression

  • Increased Flexibility


  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improved lung capacity

  • Improved sexual function

  • Reduced chronic neck pain

  • Anxiety relief

  • Relief from chronic back pain

  • Lower blood sugar levels in diabetics

  • Improved sense of balance

  • Stronger bones

  • Healthy weight

  • Lower risk of heart disease


Provides emotional balance

Strengthens the spine and corrects posture

Controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Improves concentration

Improves sleep

Better functioning of internal organs

Manages anxiety and stress

Relaxes the body and mind

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